How To Add Twitter Feed in your Website

How To Add Twitter Feed in your Website

 or Wordpress or Any Other Site

Step 1. First Login To Your Twitter Account.

Step 2.Go To Setting 

Step 3.Go To Widgets

Step 4.Then Click On Create new then Click On Profile

Step 5.After That You visit a page which url is

Step 6.After That Paste The Url of Profile in Input Area Now
Click Enter.

Step 7.Now You get Two Option Of View of feeds Select Anyone Which you want In Your site.

Step 8.Now You Get Html Anchor tag code and also contain js file js copy the code.

Step 9.Open your site filemanager edit the Html file and paste the code where you want twitter feed.

For WordPress
Open Any Post or Pages and add the html code as text in it and save it.
Note:- Dont paste in visual editor.



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