Learn How To Move Magento Site From One Server To Another Server

Learn How To Move Magento Site From One Server To Another Server

Step 1. First Login To Old Server Cpanel Account.

Step 2. Go to File Manager .

Step 3.Open The Folder Where Your File Manager Contain Magento site files.

Step 4.Select All your File And click on Compress.

Step 5.Download Your Zip file .

Step 6.Now Open Phpmyadmin from your cpanel Home page.

Step 7.Select Database in which you Establish magento Database Connection.

Step 8. After that click on Export and the then Export the whole Database in Sql Format.

Step 9.Now Login To your Current Server Where You Want To Uploads The Whole Magento files.

Step 10.Now Open File Manager And Upload Whole Zip File And Extract it.

Step 11.After That Go to Mysql Databases from Cpanel Homepage And Create a New Database.

Step 12.Now Open Phpmyadmin From Cpanel Homepage and you see your newly created Database just click on it then Click on Import and Then Upload the sql file which we export from our Old server.

Step 13.After that Go To Back to file Manager open app/etc

Now Edit local.xml and your database username,password,databse name,host now save it.

Step 14.Sometime We need to edit our .htaccess file Now Edit Rewrite cond According to Your Url Below is the Screenshot of .htaccess Rewrite Condition To Edit Url.

Step 15.Now Delete the Var folder from folder where you upload all Magento files. Don‘t work its Nothing Its just Your cache File and Error Files From your Old server.

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