Free Trusted SSL Certificate

Free Trusted SSL Certificate

Hello Again Let's Today We See How TO Get Free SSL for Our Website.

Let's Start.



Then Signup Your Account.

add site

Then Select Free Plan.

Click Confirm Plan.

After that see everthing where we pointed our domain 

Currently my domain using my hostgator nameserver.

Now Cloud Works as A proxy between your domain and your server

E.g YOUR Domain===>CloudFlare==>Your Server

Then Continue.

Now Copy

Both Nameserver Details.
Then open your domain panel.

Now Currently its pointing to hostgator name server let's change it.

Now its done.

After That Open Cloudflare.

Now here you see its taking so time.

so you have to wait.

for fully active.
after that do some changes

click on pages rules.

Create page rules.



1. *

add a setting.
always use https.

2. rule :*

3. add rule redirect.

then save and deploy

In crypto 

Always use https

now everthing lets wait.

in free version it takes 24hrs max..

so wait.

Video Tutorial


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