How To Fix Jio Phone Hanging Problems – Reset Jio Phone For Resolving



JioPhone hanging problem is the one that Jio users are facing often after started using the JioPhone. The JioPhone is offering many of the features such as Facebook,4G access access to Jio apps.





JioPhone Hanging Problem Solutions



Reliance Jio Rs 1500 Smartphone was recently launched by the Jio after its 4G services. Though the JioPhone is offering the prominent 4G services, the mobile is having the hanging problem as per the users complain. Before going to ventures to wipe out the hanging issue in the Jio Rs 1500 mobile we can take the following steps.

The hanging problem causes because of various reasons such as history, stored cookies, cache, log files and multiple tabs. By deleting the temporary files, the problem can be solved. More cookies, history or temporary file storage will cause to the hanging of files.
  • By Making the internal memory free the hanging problem will be reduced on JioPhone 4G feature phone. Make sure to run the fewer apps at a time.
  • Running more apps at the instant, so the thing is more running apps on the phone will be also one of the problems for Jio 1500 Rs.
  • Free the internal and external memory to free up the phone space. Hence the hanging problem can be reduced.

Reset Jio Phone 1500 Hanging Problem?

To run the phone smoothly, there must be enough space in the Smartphone. Initially, try to free up the memory by deleting the unwanted information or by reset the phone.
  • Go to the Settings
  • Go to Storage
  • Check the Memory (used and free space)
  • Shut down the unwanted apps to free up the memory.

How to Shut down the Apps

  • Go to Settings Menu on Jiophone
  • Tap on the app in the section
  • Select open app
  • Stop the app instantly
  • And close the section

How to Reset Your JioPhone Device?

  1. To prevent from the Hanging problem, another best and last option to reset the phone.
  2. To reset the JioPhone, press and long hold on power button + volume key.
  3. The mobile screen will be redirected to the LCD screen
  4. The reset on the JioPhone is finished
  5. Check whether the hanging problem is solved or not. If not solved, try doing the same again.





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