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Tuesday, December 11, 2018





The tag shows up at the beginning and end of an html document(known a the root element). it indicates that the webpage is written in htmls5, and all other pages markup comes in between these beginning and ending tags.


The contains information that specific page, including the title tags, metadata, and links to scripts and style sheets.


The title tag is the title for that page, useful for bothg serch engines ( when they scan and index pages) and users (showing up up in a browser's title bar) by ecplicitly stating the primary topic of each page.


Body tags include all content that will be shown to users, including                                      everything they'll see and read.


<title>My beautiful website</title>



The Base URL (for example: ) is useful for specifying all relative links in a document (especially if you have many internal links).


Meta data spells out additional information about the page, including the pages description author published data keywords and other typically hidden page information.


Can be used to a create relaitonships wikth external pages or documents including style sheets.


This element includes document style information typically defaulting to css.


This element includes all scripting information or links to external scripts. you can also include this element in the body to dynamically generate content.


<meta charset="uth-8">
<base href="" target="_blank"/>
<title>MY beautiful website<title/>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/master.css">
<script type="text/javascript">
var myvar = 0;


<h1..h6>...</h1. .h6>

All six levels of headings with 1 being the most important on a page and 6 being the least. these element are used to descibe content sections on a page.


A generic cintainer used to denote a page section or 

<span> ...  </span>

An inline section or block container, typically used for grouping styling elements.

<p> ... </p>

This foundational tag is used to organize paragrahs of text.


Creates a line break (or old-school carriage-return), useful
for writing block of text that need to be on different lines (think addresses ,etc.)


Creates a horizontal rule, a sectional break in an html page. typically used to donate a change in topic or section of a page.


<h1>ways to make your cat happy</h1>
<p>you have a <span> mini-lion </span> at home and you want to make it as happy as possible .</p>


<h2>feed your cat well .</h2>
<p>The right diet is <span>extremely<\span>.important for the well being of your cat.<br/> obesity is a common source of problems among domesticated animals.</p>


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