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Tuesday, December 11, 2018



HTML text formatting consists of tags and their syntax only. There is nothing much to know, except the tags themselves! However, I included some tips for you to remember.

  • HTML text formatting elements can change various stylesand formatting without having to write additional CSScode. It is useful if you wish for minor changes;
  • HTML text formatting elements are used by writing between tags, which apply formatting to the text, for example: if you wanted to make your text italic, you would write <i>like this</i> in your HTML code. You can click on the example to check out more about italic elements;
  • HTML text formatting tags are not empty elements, and they need closing tags. Some tutorials may suggest otherwise, but it’s a very unprofessional practice, and you shouldn’t do that as you’re just learning;
  • Formatting elements were designed to distinguishimportant text and to make text styling more convenient. It means that you don’t need any CSS code to style your textual content.

When you’re writing by hand, I’m quite sure you sometimes underline or double-write some parts of the text so, they would be more visible and would attract your attention. You should do the same while writing for your website so your readers would have a clear idea what your text is about.


Exactly likw it sound, indiciation strong emphasis ,displayed boldin most browsers.


Another way to create bold text however its more for drawing attention as opposed to emphasizing extra emphasis like the privious tag.


The emphasis tags also are like they sound emphasizing text or phrases displayed  as italics in most browsers.


Another way to add italics to text however without the added emphasis (similar to the bold tags above)and in stead used to denote things like thoughts or names.


An older tag used to display fixed width typewriter esquetext no loonger supported in HTML5.


This tags creates strike through text (or text with a line through it ) another olderr tags not commonly supported.


Tags used to cite or reference information useful for quotes and statements in a document.


Pre-formatted ,'monospace' text laid out with whitespace inside the element intact.


Helps denote a previously deleted section of text.


Represents a section of text thats been inserted into the document.


Reserved for long paragraphs of quotations often cited.


These are used for shorter quotations.


Abbreviation these help denote abbreviations while also making the full form available.


Acronym text similar to the previous abbreviation tag, but this time with acri=onyms not support in HTML5.


A helpfully obvious tag that displays the authors contact information.


Defination used to create an inline defination in the body text.

<code>... </code>

Coder text displays code snippets (like thhe one over to the left0 typically showing up monospaced.


Font tag old school way to colour fonts no longer part of HTML5.


Superscript text a helpful way ti subscript text (shrinking it and placiong it a half line higher than the preivious text).


Small size text historically uised to simply reduse text sixe in HTML5 it also refers to information that may no longer be valid accurate or relevant.


The bi-directional override tag will identify which should text should be read opposite from the preceeding text.


keep your cat healthy.
felines can catch a 
 variety of illnesses
outside and inside the house. It is important to bring your cat to the veterinarian at least <strike>one</strike> two times a year for a check-up.
your cat should ne neutered to prevent unwanted babies and lower the risks of feline HIV.
<cite>- DR. TAC NAM. cat professor</cite>
<pre>This is a preformatted text which is a block type element.
whilethis line has a <code>code tag</code>
in it, codes that can be embedded inline.


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