JAVA SCRIPT - Testing for Features with Modernizr.load - Web Development and Design | Tutorial for Java, PHP, HTML, Javascript JAVA SCRIPT - Testing for Features with Modernizr.load - Web Development and Design | Tutorial for Java, PHP, HTML, Javascript


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Monday, December 31, 2018

JAVA SCRIPT - Testing for Features with Modernizr.load

Testing for Features with Modernizr load


You’re using newer technologies, and you want to make sure the client can support the technologies before you load them.


You can use a library such as Modernizr to handle basic HTML5/CSS differences be‐ tween browsers. But you can also use a companion tool, Modernizr.load, to test to see if an existing technology is supported

As an example, if you want to incorporate touch events in your application, you can use Modernizr to test whether they’re supported in an environment and only load the ap‐ plication script if they are. In the following code, the application is testing to see if the touch events, covered in Chapter 18, are supported. If they are, the application script is loaded:

 test: Modernizr.touch,
 yep : 'touchtest.js'


Modern browser makers are highly competitive, which means that most of the modern technologies we want to use are already part of the browser your user is most likely using. Unfortunately, we can’t take it as given that every user is using the most modern browser, and that’s where a concept like feature detection enters. 

Years ago, when testing for browser differences, we’d check browser versions because browser companies didn’t release new versions all that often. The idea of doing this nowadays, when some of the companies seemingly release a new version every week, is ludicrous. 

Feature detection is a way of guaranteeing that the environment will support your application, regardless of browser version or client. Feature detection can be tedious, though, and tricky. That’s where a feature detection tool like Modernizr.load comes in. It comes with a set of feature detection tests already built in, as demonstrated in the solution. 

And you can use Modernizer.load plugins to check for others, or even create your own. To use Modernizr.load, go to the Modernizr site, check the features you want to test and/or support, and the site builds a custom library. To use the library, include the script in the page (in the head element, preferably after your style elements), and then include the links to your test scripts.

 You can also use the software to load a polyfill library to manage differences:

 test: Modernizr.websockets,
 nope : 'websockets.js'

You can list multiple JavaScript files, separated by commas, for both the yep and nope properties.

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