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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Java Finding Today’s Date

Java Finding Today’s Date


You want to find today’s date.


Use a Date object’s toString( ) method.


The quick and simple way to get today’s date and time is to construct a Date object
with no arguments in the constructor call, and call its toString( ) method:

System.out.println(new java.util.Date( ));

However, for reasons just outlined, we want to use a Calendar object. Just use Calendar.getInstance( ).getTime( ) , which returns a Date object (even though the name makes it seem like it should return a Time value * ) and prints the resulting Date object, using its toString( ) method or preferably a DateFormat object. You might be tempted to construct a GregorianCalendar object, using the no-argument construc- tor, but if you do this, your program will not give the correct answer when non- Western locales get Calendar subclasses of their own (which might occur in some future release of Java). The static factory method Calendar.getInstance( ) returns a localized Calendar subclass for the locale you are in. In North America and Europe it will likely return a GregorianCalendar , but in other parts of the world it might (some- day) return a different kind of Calendar . Do not try to use a GregorianCalendar ’s toString( ) method; the results are truly impressive, but not very interesting. Sun’s implementation prints all its internal state information; Kaffe’s inherits Object ’s toString( ) , which just prints the class name and the hashcode. Neither is useful for our purposes.

C> java Date1

Calendar ’s getTime( ) returns a Date object, which can be passed to println( ) to print today’s date (and time) in the traditional (but non-localized) format:

System.out.println(Calendar.getInstance( ).getTime( ));

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